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Here are two of our favorite tracks from the demo "Redemption". The songs that have given us the most response in recent review and creations that have truely manifested their own lives in a decisive way.

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"I Am" - Recorded with Mike MacOmber, inspires a feeling and kinship with anyone who has undergone life changing things in their past and have come through it with a new lease on living, however the past can be an animal that needs to be put down.

Many important people in our lives may want to know about those things and in knowing may think bitter and uncomfortable things about it and in knowing have their perceptions changed and even feel betrayed by things that no longer matter, and issues that no longer exist.

This song embodies that inner struggle to keep the dark past, in the past and still be the person you have become, with honor and retain self respect .

"Man of the Cloth" - Trustin in the one person in a religious capacity, fatherly figure, or eldar roll, has a responsibility to protect and teach the children that they encounter along their road to adulthood.

We have the view of what a man is and how he gains what he does along that road to becoming what would be a roll model. Sometimes things happen to tarnish and mar that roll carry dire cosequences and effect people in a way that is tragically wrong.

So with that, comes the pain of dealing with the experience. We shed light on the subject and feel for the destruction of inocent lives ruined by their trusts being betrayed and the life long struggle to ease the pain of experiences relived over and over in the minds and emotions of the victims of these preditors.

Fall Saves Grace

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